How to Find a Skilled Telegram Community Management Team for your ICO?

A successful ICO campaign hinges on a number of factors. One commonly underrated aspect of such a campaign is the importance of a good community management team.

While ICOs are a new trend and many eager investors are hopping on the bandwagon, a lot of them have gone bust because of poor community management. It is, therefore, a crucial factor to ensure your community manager(s) are of the best quality and can adequately tend to the ICO.

Community Management and Its importance in ICO

To iterate the importance of a good community management over the course an ICO, we’ll highlight some of the merits of having one in place presents to your ICO campaign:

  1. Communication with members of your community is made more efficient. This is because a community manager sees to the fact that all kinds of communication from all available channels are done effectively and maintained 24/7.
  2. Building on the above point, having a proper community management in place ensures all queries and clarifications needed by potential investors of your community are responded to in real-time. Furthermore, they can help you increase the investments to your ICO Campaign by providing investment oriented community management.
  3. Any manner of problems or in the event of a conflict occurring, having a community manager eases and streamlines the process of having it sorted out.
  4. Community managers constantly monitor the communication of the members in your community so false or conflicting statements can be addressed as soon as they happen. They can also help you prevent scams and spams during your ICO campaigns.
  5. Community managers help you increase the engagement in your community.

Where can you find Community Managers for ICOs?

1. Online Freelancing Sites

Looking at how the internet has transformed how people work nowadays, this would be a good place to start looking.

They are a great resource for finding the employees you need for your project, however, hiring 3-4 freelance community managers and building their team on a freelancing site is a complicated issue. As ICO Support require 24×7 Non Stop support, You will always have to deal with the timezone and punctuality issue with freelancers.

2. Crypto Job Boards

This is a slightly better option since you will find qualified personnel here. Sites like and are prime examples here. The catch, however, is that most of the people on here charge very high fees for their services so it may not be a feasible option for some. Furthermore, you again need to hire several different freelancers and create your team online which may create complications later.

3. Crypto Forums

Crypto Forums are another possible avenue to getting that skill set you need. You can find professional community managers as well as crypto enthusiasts here which can help you with your ICO Campaign. undoubtedly, this is one of the best option but handpicking the best professionals and synchronizing the community management team is going to be a bit difficult task.

4. Telegram Groups

You can also try to source a community manager from one of your most active members of your community. While they may be familiar with your ICO campaign, the consistency and dedication to performing can be brittle at times.

5. Community Management Companies

Easily the best option available if you really want to succeed. Community management companies like ICOBean have an advantage over all the above-mentioned sources because:

  • We are a company specialized for this one particular task. See our Portfolio.
  • We have experience of managing numerous ICOs.
  • Our community managers go from a rigorous training period before getting on-board.
  • We are ranked as most trusted and most affordable ICO companies in 2019.
  • We are professional in handling communities and are available 24/7 without even a delay of 1 minute.

If you want a successful ICO campaign, a community management company like ICOBean is your best bet.