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    ICOBean - Social Media Marketing for ICOs Made Easy!

    It is an indisputable fact that one major factor in the popularization of cryptocurrency came about as a result of social media.


    Such avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and even the more message-oriented Whatsapp have in recent times come to be recognized as powerful tools to get word about anything around. Given its highly adopted nature by millions of online users, a brand of marketing known as social media marketing has come about. More and more businesses have been gearing their marketing efforts on social media platforms, iterating the fact that this is where the future of marketing lies.


    In this case, as we focus on ICOs, social media marketing can prove especially useful. This is because unlike writing copies which you would then distribute, expecting consumers to instantly relate to, social media avails the option to craft stories.


    This, in turn, means any interested persons who come across the story gets an in-depth understanding of crypto and the ICO you have on offer and would be more willing to invest in it.

    Your Social Media Management

    Crypto business is possibly the one who relies on digital presence more than any other types of business. With users spread all across the globe connecting through means of mobile transaction, often people gather together for a business without having ever met physically.


    This is why you need a great ICO social media marketing manager that understands how people connect through social media. Social media is a great tool for sharing a variety of information to a large number of audiences at once. You could be having serious discussions on the latest movements, to planning strategies, and even share activities pertaining to the development of your ICO campaign and business.


    At ICOBean, During an ICO Social Media Marketing Campaign, Our team of Social Media Experts knows how to weave interesting contents that are meaningful to your community and help you increase the investments. What we do is make sure you garner the highest engagement from your followers, fans, and associates so they keep getting involved until your launch and beyond.

    Do you know: 68% of ICOs fail because of a poor social media marketing strategy.

    Our Expertise in Social Media Marketing

    At ICOBean we understand that there is a huge value that your ICO Social Media Marketing campaign needs to deliver to your audience. A wrong move could break your whole deal. You will meet the strengths and weaknesses of each different type of social media platforms. A marketing strategy that works wonderfully on one platform may not garner the same result on another. This is where our team of experts help you design specific strategies to overcome these differences. When handled properly, even the cons of a social media channel can become a pro for your campaign.


    When it comes to social media, interaction is key. The words or vibes you deliver may make or break it for your audience in an instant. We have a team that’s adept at professionally responding and answering even the most controversial and delicate questions.


    Our 24/7 support will not leave a potential investor waiting nor guessing for long. We make every effort to ensure you and your community gets the best treatment.

    Use Social Media that Suits Your Target Audience

    Are you more into Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Instagram, Bitcoin Talk, or LinkedIn? More importantly, which platform is suitable for your ICO Social Media Marketing campaign? YouTube and Pinterest are such great places for creative deliverance. And, how do you handle each and every one of them?


    We have an experienced Social Media Marketing Managers for ICOs that is equipped with insight into each social media platform. Each social media type has different styles, mood, and method of communication. Our expert team helps you decide which ones to choose depending on the story and the style of your campaign. This is where experience meets expertise to professionally respond to any questions arising within your community. An engaging personality that is well-tailored into the vibes of each platform will gain you increasing interaction that results in a more widespread sharing of your campaign.


    Our team of dedicated personnel will make sure your ICO social media marketing is handled by top-class management to bring your community to the next level.

    Did you know: At ICOBean, we provide social media marketing to more than 20 different social media marketing channels to ensure that your ICO will never go unnoticed by any potential investor.

    Better Campaign Management for increased Returns

    On an individual level, social media can be used sparingly, when the mood fits it and so on. In the case of running a successful Social Media Marketing ad campaign for ICOs, more aggressiveness is obviously required.


    In this case of crypto ICO campaigns, considering the nature of the product and its investment value, you need to have a great ICO ad campaign going on social media. This is achieved by ensuring the following happens throughout your campaign:


    • Constant posts about the ICO and any relevant news related to it.
    • Promptly responding to user questions on social media.


    These two simple acts ensure constant engagement with your target audience, thus you can expect more investment possibilities for your efforts.

    All our social media marketing managers have atleast 4 years of experience with Social Media Marketing and 2 Years of experience working with ICOs. We hire only certified professionals with excellent track record.

    Social Media Analysis and Optimization

    Our team of highly skilled personnel make sure to bring you the best review for your website and other social media channels. As we come up with the most in-depth analysis, we help you strategize your next moves to make your social media presence look more professional.


    While your whole campaign needs to have one voice, your social media interactions will have to differ with each platform. Our team comes up with strategies that will help you declutter different methods across platforms to find the most suitable model for communication.

    Content Development

    The approach for a B2B business can vary widely from a B2C business. Our experience in successfully managing ICO Social Media Marketing campaigns has equipped us with the know-how for creating relevant contents that can be easily consumed by your target audience. Even if you have a great content, what does it mean if it is hard to catch by some? Our team of experienced content developers make sure that your content is conveyed in a variety of fashion across the different platforms that you are using.


    What we aim to do is help your social media presence become a strong influence where content sharing becomes a habit. We understand that the activities within your community are what ultimately lead to great investments for your campaign and the sustainability of your success in the long run.


    ICOBean has proven itself to be the best at Social Media Marketing for ICO through years of experience and real success stories. Take a look at what our clients have said about our services!

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