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    Telegram Community Management for ICOs

    Community plays a key role in the success of your ICO. Similarly, Telegram is the best place for your ICO community. Community management is important for preparing your ICO community before launching your ICO, for informing it, as well as efficiently managing all arising issues. It is equally important for large crypto markets and niche markets.

    Why Telegram Community Management?

    Telegram provides a straight-forward and encrypted mode of communication. It was launched in 2013 and has since grown into the leading ICO communication channel. One of the major reasons which helped telegram to emerge as the leading ICO communication channel is the features it provides to manage the community. You can have a ICO community as large as 100,000 members on telegram with great features which will help you manage the community easily. Furthermore, telegram is supported by almost all the desktop as well as the mobile operating systems.


    There are basically 2 reasons why you should consider telegram community management for your ICO.

    • ▶ You want to increase the investment to your ICO project.
    • ▶ Your ICO project is performing well and you want to provide 24×7 support to investors.


    In both cases, a specialized, skilled ICOBean team will offer various ways of your Telegram community management. Some of the most important aspects include:


    • ▶ Fast responses to changes in your Telegram community
    • ▶ Adjusting your communication channel and strategy
    • ▶ Security aspect
    • ▶ Building brand awareness
    • ▶ Empowering the community
    • ▶ Increasing investments to project
    • ▶ Setting the scene for community growth
    • ▶ Providing valuable metrics.

    Do you know: ICOBean has successfully finished more than 40 community management projects for ICOs. We have a team of more than 45 experienced ICO professionals and featured as most affordable and most trusted ICO community management company.

    What do we do?

    We offer various telegram community management services, including:


    ▶ 24×7 Telegram Community Management for ICOs.
    ▶ Frequent news and content posting to keep the community educated and engaged.
    ▶ Complete Scam and Spam protection.
    ▶ Responses to members under 2 minutes.
    ▶ Investment oriented approach to bring more investments to your project.
    ▶ Growing your ICO Telegram Community for more visibility and investments.
    ▶ Implementing various Telegram ICO community strategies to take your project to next level.

    The benefits of choosing ICOBean as Telegram Community Management Company

    There are many reasons for choosing a professional Telegram community management company for your ICO. At ICOBean, we are well aware that your time and money are precious and our values are reflected through our investment-oriented approach, affordability of our services, the versatility of the offer when it comes to the Telegram community management for ICOs, 24/7 support, and top-notch solutions. Our team will always be there to provide impeccable customer service. You won’t have to wait for a response anymore.


    Full transparency, affordability, and user-tailored approach are the strongest assets of our Agency when it comes to Telegram Community Management for ICOs.


    In conclusion, outsourcing the Telegram community  management to a team of professionals is the greatest investment regarding your community growth strategies. As your business grows, this task may become overwhelming for you and your partners. In addition, the valuable metrics and control you get represent another investment in your ICO.

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