5 Reasons Why Your ICO Needs a New Community Manager

The road towards a successful ICO campaign is not an easy one. This is because a lot of factors come into play in order to achieve the targeted success.

One such factor and a crucial one at that is the efficiency of the community manager you have in place. An underqualified or underperforming community manager means the campaign may lack cohesion in certain aspects and as a result contribute detrimentally to the campaign.

Role of a Community Manager in an ICO

To better understand the value a good community manager offers for your ICO, we’ll highlight a few of the duties they undertake over the ICO’s campaign. They include:

  • Providing Input: A good community manager or community Management Company has a lot of experience in this area. As such, you can bank on them to provide input and professionalism needed to attain the set goals of the ICO.
  • Community managers are efficient at making use of the various available channels of communication so as to get the word out about your ICO to a wider net of people.
  • Ensuring that communication within your community and its affiliated social media platforms is constantly maintained.
  • To respond to all sorts of queries or conflicts that may occur pertaining to your ICO and ensure they are properly addressed.
  • To build and maintain an air of transparency or openness around your ICO campaign. This, in the long run, attracts more investors since they feel they can trust the project.

Why you should change your community manager?

As stated earlier, to ensure the success of your ICO campaign, a good community manager is an essential part of the process. You should change your community management team or company if:

  1. They are slow to respond to any user queries happening within your community. Anything below 2 minutes would be considered as a good response rate.
  2. Your ICO Community is slowly dying and they are unable to provide and maintain constant engagement with members of your community.
  3. They show a poor track record of educating the potential investors about your project within your community as well as on other possible platforms.
  4. They fail to show an ability to draw in more and newer investments into your ICO campaign.
  5. They are seen to be poor at building and maintaining a relationship with your community members.

ICOBean Community Manager

ICOBean is a leading ICO Community Management company offering community management services for ICOs. we have been around for a while and we seen a number of very successful ICOs in our time and there’s a good reason why.

As a professional company specifically vested in providing this service, we present the following advantages:

  1. The ability to monitor communications in your community 24/7. This means that unnecessary, false or misleading information about your ICO doesn’t get around your community.
  2. Loaded with Advance Scam and Spam protection mechanisms.
  3. We work with the aim to increase investments to your project. Our investment oriented approach is what makes us different from other companies.
  4. They know how to keep your community members engaged throughout the cycle of your ICO campaign.
  5. Most affordable prices with services tailored to fit into everyone’s needs.

If you’re looking towards a successful ICO campaign, ensure you have a professional community manager. ICOBean is an excellent option and should be at the top of your list of candidates.