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    Chinese Community Management for ICOs

    We have developed the Chinese Community Management for ICOs Team to provide quick investment oriented responses to questions that are presented during ICO campaigns. Our interest is not to only provide answers to questions but to answer them in a way that will further encourage the interest of investors in the project.


    Many of the biggest ICO communities have been managed by us in the past and this has increased our knowledge and confidence in the proper Chinese ICO Community Management.


    Our approach through community management is to increase investments by providing services that match with the culture and psychology of your target audience.


    You will not want to spend your money on community managers who may not fully understand what they are into. Our community managers have spent years managing different ICO communities which is why they are confident in our approach to ICO campaigns.


    At ICOBean, we understand that your project is different and we have developed the necessary strategy that will create the needed awareness for your project.


    Your target audience will determine our strategy and our approach to the project. With this, you will know that the expected information will reach the audience.


    We strongly believe that your investors will be reached and engaged in a language that conveys the best piece of information.

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