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    ICO Bounty Campaign Management Services – Hire a Bounty Campaign Manager Today!

    Bounty management is an integral part of a good marketing campaign for an ICO, especially if you know exactly when to rely on a bounty program. The essence of the ICO bounty management originates from the principle of rewarding individuals for contributing the project development. Similarly, ICO bounty campaign management teaches companies that they should offer a reward to the customer in exchange for a simple task. This principle found its perfect application in the world of social media and ICOs.


    ICOBean is an excellent ICO Bounty Management Company, which offers different ICO Bounty Campaign Management Services that will reinforce your community and improve your business.

    Why Bounty Management is important for your ICO?

    Bounty management plays a significant role in specific parts of the ICO campaigns. Namely, introducing a bounty program to a pre-ICO or post-ICO bounty phase brings numerous advantages to your program.


    We at ICOBean developed pre-ICO Bounty Management Services that aim to:

    • ■ Increase your project marketing hype on various social media platforms.
    • ■ Bring numerous investors to your project.


    Similarly, we provide the post-ICO bounty management services in order to:

    • ■ Get the valuable feedback,
    • ■ Ensure a stable price,
    • ■ Get some good community improvement-related suggestions,
    • ■ Keep a good return,
    • ■ Help your business in going international.

    ICOBean as Your Bounty Management Partner

    ICOBean is the perfect partner for your ICO Bounty Management Campaign, as we have years of experience and a professional, highly skilled bounty managers standing behind each project. We guarantee only top-notch services, client satisfaction, and impeccable bounty management for ICOs campaigns.

    This is especially true in the era of pressure by the regulatory agencies and bans on social media. This is another burning issue in the world of ICOs and another reason why more and more ICO businesses opt for a professional bounty management service.

    Building your reputation, creative solutions, pre-set deals, and regulations, as well as client satisfaction are the key benefits you get from working with our ICO Agency.

    Do you know: ICOBean has been using custom developed application to manage bounty programs easily and effectively. We are rated as leading bounty management company and deliver our service at most competitive prices.

    What kind of Bounty Management Campaigns we handle?

    Typical ICO Bounty Campaign management services we provide include:


    • ■ Article and blog writing
    • ■ Bitcointalk signature tasks
    • ■ Establishing communication channels
    • ■ Community growth
    • ■ Social media posts and videos creation
    • ■ Translation Bounty
    • ■ Bug reporting
    • ■ Keeping good communication channels
    • ■ Encouraging community participation
    • ■ Educating your community members
    • ■ Improving the cryptocurrency framework.


    The first six are the typical forms of the pre-ICO bounty campaign programs, while the remaining are done in the post-ICO phase.

    Our ICO Bounty Managers

    Our ICO Bounty managers are skilled, experienced professionals who are capable of running your bounty campaign without any difficulties. They will design a unique campaign for your needs, responsibly and accurately realize it, as well as do the necessary data collection. Our bounty managers will also communicate with the bounty hunters and resolve any issues or complaints.


    Straightforward communication, strict rules, leading the campaign with access to the lists of banned members, and a high-quality threshold are the greatest assets of our bounty campaign management team.


    In conclusion, a bounty management campaign will greatly benefit your business. If you are serious about your ICO (and we know you are), don’t rely on your own intuitive bounty managerial skills. Hiring a professional bounty management service like ours is a proven way to the proper introduction of bounty programs to your campaign. So, what are you waiting for, contact us today to hire our bounty managers for your ICO.

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