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    ICO Community Building Services

    The world’s best product will fail if there is no audience. A good, healthy community is necessary before launching your business. The success of your ICO project heavily relies on the size and quality of your community. Therefore, ICO Community Building process is crucial for getting into touch with new potential investors in order to increase engagement and investments to the ICO.


    Through ICO Community Building Service, ICOBean will help you identify your target audience, your specific niche, reach out to your potential investors, convince them to invest into your project, and prepare your community before your ICOs is launched. Furthermore, our specialists will positively boost your community atmosphere to enhance active participation from members, as well as propose a user-tailored solution for each one of your social media platforms, with a focus on Telegram, Discord, Slack, Facebook, and Twitter.


    We will help you engage your community into useful and interesting ICO-related discussions, gaining their appreciation, devotion, and confidence in project. In this way, we will build your ICO community, grab the investors’ attention, and increase the overall investments to your project.

    Modern ICOs Focus on Following 3 Communities:

    Telegram is the alpha and omega for the ICOs. It is important for an ICO to build Telegram community as it is the core of communication among crypto enthusiastic and the best platform for attracting ICO investors. At the same time, its being used by 99% of ICOs for their community interaction! This is why your success on Telegram depends on a good start.


    Discord, is a platform which was originally launched for gamers but now a days used more by crypto enthusiastic due to the excellent security features it offers. Features like automatic scanning of images with the help of AI to block spam and scam makes it an efficient channel for ICO promotion.


    Slack is also gaining popularity with its versatile groups. Features like segregated posting, orderly arrangement of channels and channel grouping make slack a good choice for ICOs.

    Do you know: More than 78% ICOs are suffering with low investor participation in communities. This lack of participation is one of the major reason for low fund raising during ICO.

    How do we grow these communities?

    We work on growing your Telegram, Discord, Slack, and other ICO communities through a series of carefully designed programs and actions. Those include:


    1. Creating a positive environment in the community so the engagement will increase thus the community

    Establishing a good communication channel and positive atmosphere within your community is essential for providing them with all necessary information about your ICO. This is the way to gain their confidence and commitment towards project. In this way, we are helping you build your army of educated and hard-working people who will promote your project infront of their friends and colleagues. They will lead you to gain more supporters and investors.


    1. Airdrop and Bounty Programs

    Airdrop and Bounty programs are the best ways to increase the size of your community effortlessly. As a full range ICO provider, we provide affordable custom Airdrop and Bounty campaign programs to promote your ICOs and build your community in no time.


    1. Social Media Marketing

    Our Social Media Marketing ninjas will design a user-tailored program for your ICO campaign to build your ICO Community. Presence on the social media is of key importance for the success of your business. Each platform requires a different approach. This is why you should hire a professional team like ours which have years of experience with ICOs.


    1. Investor Addition Manually

    Reaching out to the investors can be a problem for some agencies. Not for ICOBean. As we are helping ICOs for last few years, we have access to real investors’ database who are looking for project like yours. we can use this database to pitch your project and include those investors to your community manually. This can provide you a significant advantage over your competition.


    1. Cross Promotion

    Our marketing experts will cross-promote your content and events on highly established platforms to showcase your project to a mass audience. This helps us in attracting more potential investors as well as ICO community building.


    6. Influencer Marketing
    Influencers are the key shackle in the chain of spreading the news about your ICOs. Our influencer relationship specialists can help you get the much needed attention in the sea of other ICOs present on the market today.

    Why do you need an ICO Community Building Service?

    If you are running an ICO business, you won’t have time to work on building the ICO community yourself. Consequently, your overall ICO campaign will suffer. Here is why you need a service like ours for ICO Community Building:


    – As the incoming investments heavily depend on the size of your community. Your ICO won’t be able to raise much if the community is small.
    – You need a big community for marketing hype of ICO.
    – Community plays an important role in the overall success of ICO.
    – BIG and active communities attract good exchanges.
    – A vibrant and big community can help you get valuable feedback.

    Why you should hire ICOBean to grow your community?

    – Experienced Team.

    Our team consists of cryptocurrency and ICO specialists, communication experts, marketing and management specialists, as well as IT engineers. We have experience of helped some of the biggest ICOs in past.


    – Affordable Pricing.

    The competitive difference of the ICOBean is reasonable pricing. We offer a variety of top notch services at the most affordable rates. We know it takes a lot to launch an ICO hence keep our services costs low to fit everything under your pocket.


    – Proven Techniques.

    As we are in crypto space for a long time, we have a fairly good idea on which techniques works best to build communities for your ICO. Our experienced team will use only 100% proven methods and techniques to grow your communities.


    – Excellent Track Records.

    We have helped several ICO with marketing and management and have an outstanding track record of exceeding the clients expectations.


    – Guaranteed Client Satisfaction.

    Our portfolio is rich in ICO community building projects. Client satisfaction is our first and foremost concern. We are the kind of ICO agency which never hesitate to travel the extra mile for client’s satisfaction.

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